Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Anonymous

Pendant les temps que j’ai travaillé avec Monsieur Matt Gibbs pour l’achat de ma maison, je l’ai apprécié pour des raisons suivantes : Il a un esprit d’analyse dans tout ce qu’il fait. Devant un problème, il ne croise pas les bras : il est prêt à chercher des solutions immédiatement. Toujours motivé, organisé et positif, il va tout droit à son but. À tout moment que vous le cherchez, il est disponible et toujours prêt à répondre à vos préoccupations. Tant qu’il n’a pas encore trouvé ce qu’il cherche, il ne lâche pas. Il peut se débattre de toute son énergie pour s’assurer que le client est satisfait. Matt m’a épaté par son sens de responsabilité et de jugement de grand calibre. Matt est toujours déterminé à attendre son objectif et cherche toujours à écraser, inhiber tout obstacle qui se présente sur son passage. Matt a su démontrer des compétences remarquables dans la gestion de la clientèle : tous les temps, il veut toujours savoir à quoi pense le client. Il ne presse pas son client pour acheter, par contre il lui présente toujours des choix optimaux à l’issue desquels le client lui-même détermine ce qu’il veut. Lorsqu’une maison ne répond pas aux normes, Matt dira facilement au client : ‘’laissons celle-ci, nous allons trouver d’autres.’’ Devant même le choix, Matt se rassurera que le client a fait un bon choix. Dans sa carrière, il va plus loin pour utiliser même des expériences qu’il a pu observer dans des inspections de maisons afin de se rassurer que la maison que le client choisit ne présente pas des déficiences ou dommages et voire même des fissures. Matt aidera à la fois ceux-là qui n’ont pas de connaissance en construction et même ceux-là qui en ont lorsqu’ils sont dans l’embarras de choix de maisons. Eu égard à ces observations, je n’aurai aucun doute à recommander Matt à toutes mes connaissances et à tous mes amis. Il est super!

By: Liisa and Chris Henry

We were in a fairly desperate situation with overwhelming debt since my aneurysm had forced me to stop working and cut my income to 1/4 of what I had been earning. We had finally decided to sell our home of 18 years as we could not afford to maintain it. Two realtors declined to take on the sale of our home at all, stating that it was not worth their time and effort and we would not recoup enough to pay off our debts. Then Trevor came along, recommended by a friend, and he started working. The house was in very rough shape and needed to be sold 'as is.' Trevor suggested posting it for investors and advised us that this would mean a week of chaos, but the result would hopefully bring in a few bids from serious investors who were in it for the long run. We agreed and went through the craziest week with investors coming through every day. I think we had over 20 viewings in the space of 5 days. It was insane, but in the end, we had numerous offers and were able to make a sale that covered all of our debts and left us enough to start over, $33,000 over asking! No kidding! Even then, Trevor didn't quit. He helped us deal with the buyer and their lawyer to work out suitable timelines for everyone, allowing us time to arrange new living quarters and providing advice and suggestions that really made the move much smoother and less stressful. All in all, we were so impressed with the effort and time and obvious care that he put into the entire process. I felt much more confident and prepared with him on our team. The entire team at his office worked so hard to coordinate and keep things moving through the entire process. I can't thank them enough and can't imagine how we could have done this without them.

By: Aimee J

Exceeded our expectations! It was merely happenstance that let me to contact the Mayhew Gibbs Property Group with Remax Core. but am I ever happy that I did! From start to finish - the staging, the listing and sale of our former home to the purchase of our new home all happened within a few weeks, and throughout this process, the team was always professional, prompt and honest. The Mayhew Gibbs Team developed a strategy that worked, and the end result exceeded our expectations, so much so that it allowed us more flexibility to find the ideal home for our family. My husband and I were very fortunate to work with the team and I would recommend their services to anyone!

By: Laura

I just bought another house with Matt's help. He was patient and took the time to explain our plan of action to get the house that I wanted. A huge thank you goes out to the team as well. They also took time out of their busy day for an unplanned, last minute request from me to see a couple of homes. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend the Mayhew Gibbs Property Group!

By: Mary and Hugh Hall

Thank you Matt and Team Mayhew Gibbs! Happy is an understatement! We were both totally impressed with how quickly you sold our home. We had such a short time frame to have it sold and you came through for us in stellar style!

By: Frank

We did it! Shout out to the Mayhew Gibbs Property Group for putting up with my difficult requests and denied showings! Im very happy with the professionalism of your team and will always highly recommend. It is easy to see the very successful future you have ahead of you. Thank you!

By: Yanick Cousineau

We had the pleasure of dealing with Trevor Mayhew after he was highly recommended by a fiend of the family. Awesome experience & miracle work I tell you. From buying to selling it all workout so well, he made our dream come true. If you're looking to make it all happen Trevor Mayhew is the one, true professionalism. He took care of everything from the purchase of our new property to the selling of our house while we got to enjoy summer. Going forward my wife and I will most definitely be doing business with him again. Truly enjoyable experience. Thank you for everything, much appreciated!